Evil businessman“…We know that Jesus Christ has restored, and even elevated, humanity’s dignity, giving us each the power to become God’s sons and daughters. But, again, the devil is trying to convince people that they are not who they are.

Instead of tempting us to reject God outright, the devil is satisfied with convincing us that we are nothing special in God’s eyes: human beings are nothing more than highly evolved organisms, different in degree, but not in kind, from other organisms. Like all other organisms, human behavior is a matter of biology and environment. There is no spiritual dimension, but only brain chemistry. There is no free will, but only evolutionary drives. We are not persons, but members of a class, an ethnicity, a race, a sexual orientation, and on and on.

Number 666

The secular progressive obsession with “equality” of outcomes reflects this denial of personhood, in the same way it justifies the extermination of millions of pre-born babies in the name of population control and social “responsibility.” Human beings are treated as livestock to be managed, rather than persons to be cherished.

The zeitgeist pays lip service to the idea of a human spirit, but, in practice, that “spirit” boils down to consumptive self-assertion, self-serving emotion, and empty sentimentality. The permitted expressions of “freedom” are actually enslavements to bodily and psychotropic pleasures. Such “freedom,” not religion, is the “opium of the masses.”-Michael Quinlan