Caracal Kitten

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”-The Little Prince

There is much more to life than what can be seen. And it is only with a heart bent on individual virtue (doing the right thing)- instead of outwardly imposing social justice on the rest of us- that we can begin to see the richness of life and our relationships and begin understand the mysteries of life (the Love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ-yes, that is the mystery).

Doing the right thing is easy and simple– it’s been the same freakin’ recipe for thousands of years. Doing the right thing is so easy, even a monkey could do it (scratch that monkeys do not really know right from wrong. If they did why would they toss pooh? That’s right Bobo, I haven’t forgot my last visit to the Seattle Zoo. But give a monkey another million years and evolution will kick in, all you have to do is just believe, all eleven of my monkey digits are crossed).

For whatever reason, we struggle to do the right thing. We often miss the mark, we want social complexity and mess, we want to be foxy clever, and are quick to point out the problems of everyone else, the mote in someone’s else eye  (this is often disguised as a social justice but very little justice it appears is dispensed this way). We’re have a tendency from time to time to be insecure, impatient, jealous, greedy, and whiney to a fault (And, I know this because if I am an expert on these things. Being selfish is what I do best). And this trips us up.

Ponder this, if you work on seeing people as God sees them, exercising faith, patience, kindness and long-suffering, you’d start to develop the spiritual eyes and the understanding to participate in God’s love for humanity. Take off the blinders of race, gender, and sexuality that have become politicized by both sides and you get to see people as just people with personalities, talents, strengths and weaknesses with a ton of potential. People who want to define themselves and others as white, black, gay or straight, they truly limit themselves and their outlook on life (You do realize that this seemingly harmless bit of common sense, a variant of Dr. King’s Dream [a variant on the teachings of Christ], is in 2015 viewed by some as politically incorrect and possibly racist and homophobic, go figure). I guess to a degree what was once considered common sense could now be seen as speaking “truth to power”.

Doing the right thing goes directly to how you treat yourself and how you treat others. It has a lot to do with being selfless and doing service to others. It also has a lot to do with correctly understanding what your true nature is and having a correct understanding of your relationship with family, friends, neighbors, community, and God.  Doing the right thing has very little to do with equality, eating organic, worshipping mother earth, cutting taxes, or border patrols. If those are to be virtues then they are secondary, tertiary, or maybe even periphery virtues. They are less effective virtues, if they are to be such.

Think about it. What good does it do you if you eat organic foods all the livelong day, if you fail as a parent or neighbor? What kind of world are you leaving behind for your kids when you are more concerned with hugging trees than hugging a child who has had a bad day. Yeah, nobody is going to see the hugging and healing nor are they going to be giving out environmental awards for your selfless act, but I guarantee that you’ll do more for humanity and mother earth by quietly being there for others (thanks Ma and Da), especially those you are directly responsible for, when they need an emotional or spiritual lift.

I believe there is a connection between individual virtue and the health of the environment. And there is a huge connection between individual virtue, humility and social justice. There is a huge potential in investing in individual virtue. By investing, though, I don’t mean more taxes and regulations-that is counterproductive and only creates new problems and creates new ways for being dishonesty. It’s a vicious circle, man. Goodness come from a light, a divine spark, from within.