mountains-snow-moon-845023-printDear Progeny,

When things are going south, when you can’t sleep and tomorrow will be long because you are still wide awake, don’t fall into self-destruction. Have character, have integrity, for goodness sakes! Don’t give into your weaknesses, hold steady the stormy riot in your heart, stay the guns of Doubleday, my young ones, as you go late into the night wrapped in pained silence as the winds play soft on the treetops. Be strong, fearlessly somber, still and silent. Sometimes we have to wait and listen in order to earn the stars and bars of the quiet hero.

Hardly a person is alive who has not had a day, a week or two of the blues, even the good ones go through melancholy periods. But, whatever bugaboos have gotten to you know that they will fade away and you will come through the other side alright, and when you do know that you still have to live with you. Don’t madly throw your world way for cheap. Don’t get lost in the din of Babylon that says all is well, do a little here and little there for tomorrow we die. Don’t give into this damnable subtlety for our pilgrimage does not have such a grim end and goes beyond a thousand tomorrows. Always seek to do yourself good and not evil and may God keep you.