EasterDuring Easter, I posted several video, poems, and quotes, but I never talked about what Easter means. I do believe that, as it has been said by the prophets, it is the greatest single event to happen in human history, but most of us pass through this life and either don’t know it or don’t understand the full extent of it. I believe when the curtain is lifted we will see the spiritual battles between good and evil have driven all of history (as once noted by John Steinbeck, it is the only story to tell) and these battles have centered around the life of Christ, his teachings, his Resurrection, and the Atonement and Satan’s efforts to led people astray towards mighty misery through deceit, confusion, and wars among men.

It is through Christ, we get to live again and our life, our thoughts, our actions, and the relationships we make and form here have meaning beyond this life. We are not driving madly to a dark abyss of nothingness, making this mess we call life meaningless.

jesus-appearing-mary-peterson_1296420_inlThrough Christ as well, all our striving to overcome our weaknesses, our adversities, our pains, and our sins is not for nothing. At any point in time in our life we can become better than we are, happier and freer through the Atonement of Christ. Peace can enter into our lives even when storms and wars rage outside our doors. Healing can begin and spiritual and emotional pains can be mended.

I’ve seen many people in humble and impoverished living conditions as well as those in more affluent living conditions equally have their lives changed because of the sacrifice and teachings of Christ. Whose words, unlike us mere mortals, have power and eternal meaning even in their simplicity.

Jesus Christ was the only mortal who had power over life and death and he freely choose to die so we could overcome death and free ourselves from the tangled webs we weave in this life. Christ through his righteousness, sacrifice, and Atonement is the embodiment and true definition of Love. There cannot be any true discussion of love without pointing towards the teachings, the commandments, and the righteousness of Jesus Christ.