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April 2015

Love One Another As I Have Loved You-The Hardest Commandment

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:34–35).

Dos Passos and Moral Chaos

Chaos concept in the hand of a woman“The mind cannot support moral chaos for long. Men are under as strong a compulsion to invent an ethical setting for their behavior as spiders are to weave webs.”-John Dos Passos

Living in the World of Plato’s Callicles

PlatoMan is unique in that he can affirm or deny his Nature. His denial of His Nature in no way refutes its existence any more than the denial of gravity will keep one from falling.…The removal of the objective quality of human acts leave the true reality of things residing in man’s desires or in his will….Morality is then reduced to human intentions….If human acts are not objectively good and evil and only individual desires are real, how can distinctions between desires be made?–Robert R. Reilly

Are all desires equal then?


Bob White Lyrics by Johnny Mercer and Bobby Darrin

Bobby Darrin and Sandra Dee

Just listen to the Bob White
He never could sing right
You should hip it to the latest sound
And the talk that’s goin’ ’round

Well, I was talking to the parakeet
And he said, “Man, now about that beat”
(How about that beat?) ”
Hey Bob White, ain’t you gonna swing tonight?”

Several people heard the Albatross
Whisper Robin is on the sauce
(I know for a fact he’s on the wagon)
Bob White, nothing but a neophyte
(John, what does that word mean?)

Even the Pheasant found it unpleasant
Hearing you hit that flat note
Whereas the Sparrow froze to his marrow
When he heard that note

The opinion of the Tufted Grouse
Is you play to an empty house
(Could happen to anybody, sure could)
Get up, off that pair
Shape up, make it dare Bob White,
you gotta sing it out tonight

Take a letter to the Meadowlark
In reply to his rude remark
(Well, the mails must go through)
Bob White, invites you to a bash tonight
(My tux isn’t even pressed)

Take a wire to the Nightingale
Tell him Bob ain’t begun to wail
Bob White’s gonna put him down for spite
(Circulate the word)

Call up the Catbird
Tell that old fat bird
He’s gonna sing a storm up Hip the Canary,
it’ll be scary

After the warm up
Man, he’s even gonna gas the goose
He’ll be a’ looser than Dr. Seuss
(Wait a minute John, do I detect a note
Of meaning that he’s gonna be ‘right in tune?)
Man, I’m telling you, he’s gonna be ‘on the moon
(I see)

Bob White He’s gonna ball it up tonight
Oh, he’s in there
Guy whistles pretty
Yeah, like a bird, what?

Here’s a wire from the Albatross
(Sounds urgent)
It reads, ‘Robin is still the boss’
(Well, thank you very much folks)
Bob White, he was in the groove tonight
(Ha ha ha)

I quote directly from the Whoopin’ Crane
He says, “Man, it was like insane”
(He made it plain)
Bob White really fought a groovy fight
I thought I had him dead in the third round

Hey, old poppa Red Bird
Who is the head bird
Says you were in there swingin’
(He was tryin’)
Even the Jackdaw Flew out the back door
Buckin’ and wingin’

You instigated such a swingin’ gig
That all them quadrapeds wanna dig
(Here, here, you mean)
Here come, the moose and elk
And there goes Lawrence Welk
Bob White, Bob White, Bob White
You really sang it out tonight
(Aw, it’s for the birds)

Sweet Betsy From Pike and Her Lover Ike

Sweet Betsy from Pike

Now don’t you remember sweet Betsy from Pike
Who crossed the big mountains with her lover Ike
Two yoke of oxen, a big yeller dog
A tall Shanghai rooster, and one spotted hog

One evenin’ quite early they camped on the plat
Down by the road on a green shady flat
Where Betsy got tired and lay down to repose
And Ike he just gazed on his Pike County rose

Well they soon reached the desert where Betsy gave out
Down in the sand she lay rollin’ about
While Ike in great tears looked on in surprise
He said, “Betsy get up, you’ll get sand in your eyes”

Well the Shanghai ran off and the cattle all died
The last piece of bacon that mornin’ was fried
Ike he got discouraged and Betsy got mad
The dog wagged his tail and looked sad

Well a miner said, “Betsy will you dance with me” ”
I will now old Hoss if you don’t make too free
But don’t dance me hard do you want to know why
Doggone you I’m chocked full of strong alkali”

Ike and sweet Betsy got married of course
But Ike gettin’ jealous obtained the divorce
Betsy well satisfied said with a shout
“Goodbye you big lummox, I’m glad you backed out”

What Brand Of Liberation is Being Sold

What good is the liberation being sold by many, if it leads to more misery, more unhappiness and increases the burdens of the most vulnerable.  Not every version of liberation being marketed has an equal return on investment.

Post Easter Thoughts

EasterDuring Easter, I posted several video, poems, and quotes, but I never talked about what Easter means. I do believe that, as it has been said by the prophets, it is the greatest single event to happen in human history, but most of us pass through this life and either don’t know it or don’t understand the full extent of it. I believe when the curtain is lifted we will see the spiritual battles between good and evil have driven all of history (as once noted by John Steinbeck, it is the only story to tell) and these battles have centered around the life of Christ, his teachings, his Resurrection, and the Atonement and Satan’s efforts to led people astray towards mighty misery through deceit, confusion, and wars among men.

It is through Christ, we get to live again and our life, our thoughts, our actions, and the relationships we make and form here have meaning beyond this life. We are not driving madly to a dark abyss of nothingness, making this mess we call life meaningless.

jesus-appearing-mary-peterson_1296420_inlThrough Christ as well, all our striving to overcome our weaknesses, our adversities, our pains, and our sins is not for nothing. At any point in time in our life we can become better than we are, happier and freer through the Atonement of Christ. Peace can enter into our lives even when storms and wars rage outside our doors. Healing can begin and spiritual and emotional pains can be mended.

I’ve seen many people in humble and impoverished living conditions as well as those in more affluent living conditions equally have their lives changed because of the sacrifice and teachings of Christ. Whose words, unlike us mere mortals, have power and eternal meaning even in their simplicity.

Jesus Christ was the only mortal who had power over life and death and he freely choose to die so we could overcome death and free ourselves from the tangled webs we weave in this life. Christ through his righteousness, sacrifice, and Atonement is the embodiment and true definition of Love. There cannot be any true discussion of love without pointing towards the teachings, the commandments, and the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

The Source of Happiness Is…

pink lily flowers blooming on the garden

“Happiness does not spring from perfection, but from applying divine principles, even in small steps”-Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

Revile Not the Revilers: Those Contentious and Specious Accusations of Hate


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