Funny Alien

Despite our extensive, and sometimes expensive, efforts at trying to find intelligent life other than us in the universe, it appears for now that we are alone in the universe as we know it. But this won’t put to rest books, TV shows, and movies that fantasize about extraterrestrial life. Fiction that typically portrays extraterrestrial life as somehow having superior technology, superior communications, and having a much higher intelligence than human beings. I’ve always wondered why that is? Why do we assume or why is it preferred that other beings, if they do exist, are way smarter than us.

I wonder if we’d spend so much time and effort trying to make contact or fictionalizing about their existence if we knew that they were just as dopey, mediocre and confused as we are. Or worse, they end up being awkward, unaware, insecure, and lacking ambition. An alien race that doesn’t understand that “no” means no and they try to contact us like 15 or 16 times a day, after we’ve initially made contact.

To me it would make me feel better and make sense that if there is life other than us in the universe that it would be of just average intelligence. This would be consistent with claims of seeing UFO’s that never ever land or even try to make contact with anyone when they pierce through our atmosphere. I suspect just like us they’re either lost and don’t want to ask for directions or they are just not interested in making contact with beings that have just as many problems and flaws as they do.