autumn-leaves-830489-print I definitely don’t have the corner on truth and regretfully don’t act on truths as much as I should, but recent events got me thinking a bit. And maybe I’m off my rocker, or completely bonkers, but some of what I thought of lately seems to make sense about the truth compared to lies.

The truth I’ve noticed it is rarely offended, but a lie always takes offence. Whereas the truth is discovered, a lie is fabricated. A truth exists independent of humans, but a lie depends on us to give it life and to perpetuate it. The truth provides a light that looks to quietly benefit the many, a lie shouts loudly while seeking a darkness that secretly benefits the few. Truths exposes lies, the best lies twists truths. The truth allows for dissent, questioning, and even rebellion, but a lie insecurely suppresses dissent, quiets questioning, and ruthlessly puts down rebellion in fear of being exposed. Along with the truth comes lasting joy, mercy, peace and justice, the lie brings with it dissipating pleasures, confused misery, never-ending contentions, and corrupted justice. The truth unites, but lies divide. And the last thing I’ve observed is that the truth in order to be the truth is endless and unchanging, but lies go in and out of fashion with the times.