Oh there are days when my soul is flat and the rains and the wind seem to never weary, when I have to ask myself while wallowing in my own self pity, why do I have to be so me sometimes. My habits, my routines, and my priorities of late have become my greatest foes, seemingly gargantuan stumbling blocks on my way to something bigger and better than my current self. Nevertheless, I continue to fool myself as I come and go, believing that going on another day this same way will bring about a some other outcome.

Maybe I have let the current challenges depress as they seem to prolong and I am unable to take leave of them as quickly as I wish. Fooled by my own reading of the moons and planets, I had forecasted that these challenges should have passed a long time ago. But who am I to say when challenges should come and go. Who am I say when  particular challenges are good or bad while I am in their midst.

I am not the only one who knows me and I certainly have no clue what awaits me at my end. So much is still to be learned and so much is in my grasp, if I would but break the fetters of well-worn, well-intentioned habits and listen to the soft whisperings that hint at tiny adjustments to my dull and speedily passing days. At any time I am always free to choose and change my current path. I am free to seek my daily wages, even when outside the world continuously seethes and rages.