I have to confess that I’ve been hiding something for the last 30 years, I can’t tie a cinch knot. When I was little, it seemed like every time I went to scouts we were always learning to tie knots but it never took. Of course it didn’t help that I didn’t go very much. And that was okay for the time being because rarely did I encounter a situation where I needed a to tie a cinch knot as a teenager. But in college, I got a job at a large furniture store and as luck would have it I was asked to tie a lot appliances down. I could tie things down alright, I mean with all those knots I was pretty sure things were tied down, but it bothered me that I could never tighten anything down securely. My knots were never taut. I noticed a few guys had the cinch knots down and I asked a few times, but again I never picked it up. As long as people weren’t calling the store about furniture flying out off their trucks I figured I was doing okay.

And the years have gone by and there have been many Christmas trees that made it home without taut knots. Sometimes we bypassed the whole knot thing and had the kids hold the rope through the windows. However, ever since we bought kayaks at Costco, I’ve been exposed. One time I went to a local river fairly close by and barely made it home with the kayaks half hanging off the car. Other times, I have spent hours trying to get the kayaks tied down and hoped that we made it back and forth with the kayaks still on top of the car.

Recently though, it all came to a head when we were invited by our friends to go kayaking. I had to work in the morning so I had zero lead time to spend a couple of hours figuring out how I was going to tie down the kayaks. As I was once again pretending to tie down the stern and bow with ten double knots and a un-taut line, I knew I could not perpetuate the fraud anymore. It was time to learn how to do a taut knot. Despite the fact that we were going to be late, I had to stop the pretending and I forced myself to sit down and watch a short little video called How to Tie a Hitch Knot and after a half hour and many tries I finally figured it out. And that was just the first kayak. Finally, our more than patient friends called and asked if we didn’t just want to go get Mexican food. Heck, yes! And we had a great time together and it ended up raining anyways.