Since I lack quite a bit in character, I thought quotes these would be a good start on gettin’ some character and gettin’ me in the right direction after all these years of misdirection.

While intellect may be a gift of God or ancestral pedigree, our character is man-made and the fruit of personal exertion…Our character is produced from the crucible of human experience. The forging process removes impurities and tempers and shapes us so that we might realize the measure of our creation.”

-J. Richard Clarke

No doubt it is a good and desirable thing to have intelligence, sagacity, judgment, and other intellectual gifts, by whatever name they may be called; it is also good and desirable in many respects to possess by nature such qualities as courage, resolution, and perseverance, but all these gifts of nature may be in the highest degree pernicious and hurtful if the will which directs them, or what is called character is not itself good.

-Immanuel Kant