drunk hobo

It Ain’t the Failures he may meet
That keeps a man from winnin’
It’s the discouragement complete
That blocks a new beginnin’;
You want to quit your habits bad,
And when the shadows flittin’
Make life seem worthless an’ sad
You want to quit your quittin’!

You want to quit a-layin’ down
An’ sayin’ hope is over,
Because the fields are bare an’ brown
Where once we lived in clover.
When jolted from the water cart
It’s painful to be hittin’
The earth; but make another start.
Cheer up and quit your quittin!

Although the game seems rather stiff
Don’t be a doleful doubter;
There’s always one more innin’ if
You’re not a down and outer.
But fortune’s pretty sure to flee
For folks content with sittin’
Around an’ sayin’ life’s N.G.
You’ve got to quit your quittin’