It would be foolish for anyone to deny the power of science and it’s discoveries about the laws of nature over the last 400 years. But it is equally foolish to deny the Power behind those discoveries since these laws predate and have existed before a scientific “discovery” ever took place. If anything scientific discoveries should draw one closer to God not push us away since many of these laws have such incredible precision and an inherent purpose and function in sustaining our short lives here on Earth. Likewise, we should not fear science because it may at times challenge our slumbering faiths. Science and Faith are not antagonistic to each other. And while neither science nor our faith will ever answer all our questions in this lifetime that should not make us cynics or self-destructive or become warring spirits. It is not for us to know or have a full understanding of everything in this lifetime, but it is not in vain to make an effort to learn as much as we can. At any point in our life most of us will find ourselves “twixt van and rear” in respect to our own knowledge as our days creep slowly in this strange dream of ours.

Despite many people’s claims— some honest in intent others less honest— that science is the only way to know anything about anything, we know there are some areas where science fails and these are often in areas of social policy , the humanities and in matters of the heart.

In Leon Wiseltier’s article Crimes Against Humanities in the New Republic states:

“The question of the place of science in knowledge, and in society, and in life, is not a scientific question. Science confers no special authority, it confers no authority at all, for the attempt to answer a scientific question….The credibility of physicists and biologists and economists on the meaning of life…cannot be owed to their work in physics and biology and economics, however, distinguished it is. The extrapolation of larger ideas about life from the procedures and the conclusions of various sciences is quite common, but it is not in itself justified; and its justification cannot be made on internally scientific grounds, at least if the intellectual situation is not to be rigged. Science does not come with a worldview….thought, action, experience and art exceed the confines of scientific understanding, fills them with profound anxiety.”


When science is interjected into areas of larger meaning we get a confused postmodernity and “suffocating political correctness” for the bien pensant. Science as a philosophy is very susceptible to venal corruption, oftentimes becoming junk science for the intellectual decadent seeking support for their Draconian ideologies, leading us useful innocents down the road to Gehenna to hang out with the champion of all miserable aristocrats, our dear Lord Harry.

Science fails in matters of the heart because at its base it requires and searches for uniformity and translated into social policy this mean equality in everything. To be human requires freedom of conscience, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to discover, freedom to act. Science while part of the human experience is not the human experience. Sciences’ realm is the natural world which makes up part our human experience. Science has made no successful inroads into understanding the individual, unconquerable soul and the values that shape it. Science cannot and will not ever be able to map the human soul. When science does make attempts to understand the soul it becomes uncharacteristically ridiculous and absurd and dips in banal mediocrity and soul crushing failures when applied to social policy. It seems that theories come and go, but when it comes to the social policy it is only the bad ones that illogically stay defying all scientific logic. “Science” induced policy more often than not do not like to give free play to Freedom’s wings.


As John F. Crosby points out in his article titled Against Scientism:

“The signature of the human person is found in our freedom and self-determination. But if we look at human beings from the outside, as we do in the sciences, we find no freedom, we find only behavior that can be plausibly explained or predicted in terms of natural laws”.

While unity of purpose is a necessity in any successful venture, unity has to be reached voluntarily and can only be achieved by people striving to learn not only the physical world around them, but by a people pursuing something larger than themselves.