The Days grow shorter, the nights grow longer
The headstones thicken along the way
And life grows sadder, but love grows stronger
For those who walk with us day by day…

But all true things in the world seem truer
And the better things of earth seem best,
And friends are dearer, as friends are fewer,
And love is all as our sun dips west.

Then let us clasp hands as we walk together
And let us speak softly in low, sweet tone,
For no man knows on the morrow whether
We two pass on-or, but one alone.

-Growing Old by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

…We have careful thought for the stranger
And smiles for the sometimes guest;
But oft for “our own” the bitter tone,
Though we love our own the best,
Ah! Lips with curve impatient,
Ah! brow with the shade of scorn
‘Twere a cruel fate, were the night too late
To undo the work of the morn!

-Our Own by Margaret E. Sangster


Alas, how easily things go wrong!
A sigh too much, or a kiss too long.
And there follows a mist and a weeping rain,
And life is never the same again.

Alas, how hardly things go right!
‘Tis hard to watch in a summer night,
For the sigh will come and the kiss will stay,
And the summer night is a wintry day,

And yet how easily things go right,
If the sigh and a kiss of a summer’s night
Come deep from the soul in the stronger ray
That is born in the light of the winter’s day.

And things can never go badly wrong
If the heart be true and the love be strong
For the mist, if it come, and the weeping rain
Will be changed by the love into sunshine again.

-Sweet Peril by George MacDonald