“We live in a world of pomp and muscle, of strutting that glorifies jet thrust and far flying warhead. It is the same kind of strutting that produced the misery of the days of Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and Hitler. In this kind of world is not easy to recognize that—

A babe born in a stable of the village of Bethlehem,
A boy reared as a carpenter in Nazareth,
A citizen of a conquered and subdued nation,
A man whose mortal footsteps never went beyond
a radius of a hundred and fifty miles, who never spoke
from a great pulpit, who never owned a home,
who traveled afoot and without purse

Is actually the Creator of heaven and earth and all that in them are. Neither is it easy for many to recognize—

That he is the author of our salvation and his is
the only name whereby we must be saved,

That he would bring light and understanding of things eternal
And divine as none other has ever done,

That his teachings would not only influence the personal behavior of
Uncounted millions, but would also inspire political systems that dignify
And protect the individual, and social truths that foster education and culture,

That his matchless example would become the greatest power for goodness
And peace in all the world.”–Gordon B. Hinckley