Of all the million, million stars
That ever lit the night,
Was ever there a star that shone
With such a radiant light?
One star among the millions,
One star to show the way,
One star to light the path to where
The baby Jesus lay.

Of all the lovely children born
To lives of woe or bliss
Was ever there a child of such
A countenance as His?
One child among the millions,
One child sent from above,
One child to light the world with His
Inestimable love.

Of all the million, million griefs
That men and women bear,
Was ever there a sorrow like
The one He suffered there
One twilight in the garden
Known as Gethsemane,
When blood and tears became the price of
Perfect charity?

In all the vast, unmeasured span
Of all the eternity.
Was ever there a night when such
A glory came to be?
One star to conquer darkness,
One Prince of Peace and Right,
One life the gift to draw us back
Into eternal light.