“Things are happening in the world that are salutary and good. There are wars,yes. There is conflict, yes…[but] I see much good…And the world is good. Wonderful things are happening in this world…Of course, there are problems, many and serious. We sorrow over the plague of drugs with its bitter harvest. We deplore the terrible scourge of pornography. We grieve over the wicked flood of immorality and abortion. We are concerned with the epidemic of infidelity, of divorce and broken homes. We are disturbed over the plight of the homeless and over stark hunger in many parts of the earth.

“But the remarkable thing is that so many people care. More than at any time in the history of the world, I believe, there are men and women by the tens of thousands who are reaching out with their strength and their substance to help those in distress. Modern science and medicine are doing wonders to alleviate pain and prolong life. There is greater fulfillment in the lives of millions…All is not lost. We invite people to…become part of that great good…Be happy…be affirmative…Don’t look for weaknesses…and don’t be critical of people. Find virtues…and build on those.”

-Gordon B. Hinckley