I find one of the hardest things to do in this life, even when you have been taught over and over again a truth, is to actually live up to the moral excellence of a truth. One of those truths is that the greatest tragedy in our lifes is not the suffering others cause us or others, but it is the suffering we cause others and our inability to react in higher way when we see or experience suffering. Moral excellence is the ability to return a negative with a positive, hate with love, a kick with a hug, a hasty vile word with quiet forgiveness and forgetfulness. It is the ability to let go of past hurts and wrongs and turn them into something positive, to not wallow in our misery and bring down others and make their lifes miserable. To always expect justice, when mercy is needed.  As I age, I see how important a good attitude is if one wants to have a quality life despite what may come.

The overpursuit of justice at any level can end up being a cruel tyranny if it is not tempered by the ability to be merciful. The attitude that we should always grab for what we think we deserve is difficult to satisfy and in the end this greed leaves one and those around them mean, cruel and bankrupt.  An overreach of social justice and rights at the expense of focusing inward and building up families and instilling a community with the ability to be merciful, virtuous, and full of integrity, qualities that build up and elevate an individual and a community, spells perpetual poverty, misery, emptiness and pain on all levels.