Are an increase in profanity, obscenity, indecency and pornography, the signs of a highly progressive society? Total license can and does breakdown freedom, create life-long addictions and at times actual slavery as in the case of human trafficking. Mostly due to the pornography industry, slavery is making a comeback around the world.

All rights have limits and boundaries, including the freedom of speech or expression. All forms of sexual relations, even though practiced privately, do have social impacts because they are inherently relational or social acts.

Can we really be progressives if we are unwilling to say no when what is the basest but one of the biggest of all industries promotes the rape of young children and animals, and the drugging, abduction, trafficking and abuse of young women, and also young men.

Can we really be progressive if our highest law enforcement officials refuse to enforce any of the current pornography laws on the books and instead idly watch the explosion and growth of the internet porn industry while intensely involving themselves in the ordinary lives of its citizens and other world leaders.