“Life is hard enough when it is just life, but it is very distressing when problems arise because of a fellow human being. But so it has been since Cain turned on Abel. Men and women regularly hurt other men and women. All we can do–and it is enough–is be true to our principles even if others abandon theirs.”

“There are plenty of things to occupy our minds and divert our thoughts, but some portion of our day ought to be devoted to ‘thinking on our ways’.”

“One of the great temptations in life is to spend so much time looking back or so much time looking ahead that we fail to see the opportunity right in front of us. Certainly we should study the past…We all ought to plan for the future. None us should be surprised when tomorrow comes and new circumstances present themselves. But having learned from the past and while preparing for the future, we can in reality on deal with the present day. Life has to be lived in the present tense. The current hour is the only one we have.”

Jeffrey R. Holland, For Times of Trouble: Spiritual Solace from the Psalms, pp.123, 125, and 130.