Humility is somewhere between self-righteousness on one side and permissiveness or lasciviousness on the other side. However, humility is not the middle way, but humility consists of figuring out the right way to live. The foundation for humility is the pursuit of truth. It is a recognition that the search for truth is the same as the pursuit of happiness.

Humility is to seek out the truth and than it is to live it and truth that is honored is a virtue. It is to understand that just as physical truths exists that moral truths exist as well. It is to understand that just as physical truths, such as the rotation of the earth or the rotation of the planets around the sun, are not relative but only relative to where one stands in life at any given point in time. In other words, it us our understanding of the truth that is relative. Truth cannot be relative, if it is relative then truth ceases to exists. If truth does not exists, then choice is unnecessary and the law, the drive for order in making choices is a vain pursuit, rendering most of our actions meaningless making life a mad rush towards nothingness.

To be humble is to recognize that while the truth is simple enough for all to understand, its deep and wide enough that it has to be continually sought for in order to draw meaning from it. The truth is simple, patient, fixed, deep and profound and no matter what we pretend about it or what new worlds or what new moral order we create the truth will always be there and the human spirit gravitates to it, whether it be subconscious or not, because the tyranny of make-believe can be oppressive especially when it has to always be externally imposed.