George Saunder’s Awesome Commencement Speech: On Being Kind

I know this has probably been in circulation for a while, but I was blown away by George Saunder’s commencement speech at Syracuse and thought I would share it with others. Any more said by me will ruin the great sensitivity and humor of this speech. Enjoy!

About Dale Hansen

Lived the life of a traveling professor's son. I have lived in California, Oregon, Washington, Indiana, Nevada, Hawaii and Mexico. Growing spent my summers playing sports with my older brother and hiking in the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountain Ranges. Have a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and a Master's Degree in Public Administration and have a love hate relationship with Government. I am Mormon and went on a two-year mission in the Mazatlan, Mexico area. I have a great, funny, cute and witty wife and 4 wonderful kids in my life.
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