One of the destructive forms that Envy takes today is everyone should be able to do and experience and enjoy everything that everyone else can do and experience and enjoy….People…are suddenly persuaded they are missing something. No societies in the past have ever so assiduously taught people to envy experiences that cannot by nature be theirs.

The United States and other Western Societies…[are pitting] unequals against unequals as if they are equals. This is distortion of the idea of equalty…The idea that we are equal has been perverted into the idea that we are identical…What we are unable to achieve we bring low. What requires talent, training and hard work, we will show can be accomplished without them….We seem no longer able to admire, or be grateful for what is nobler or lovelier or greater than ourselves. We must pull down–or put down–what is exceptional.

The Seven Deadly Sins, Fairle, Henry, pp.62-64, 1978