If you haven’t heard there is good news, although it’s not necessarily new news. It has actually been around for at least 400 to 500 years. Religion and Science; and, Science and Religion are not mutually exclusive. Most of what is science has and does become easily incorporated into what leads many religious people to wonder about, to embrace, to include and even work in science. And, many of our greatest scientists past and present have held religious beliefs.

It also equally important to make the distinction that atheism or humanism is not the same as science.

And even though, I majored in Sociology and loved it, much of what masquerades as social sciences, beginning with the likes of Freud, is really just pseudoscience, strident atheist using the scientific method and terminology to support their unscientific conjectures. The worse offense is the use of all uncertainty and doubt as proof that there is no absolute truth or universal truths. Perverting the fact that truth does exist, but it is our understanding of those truths that is selective and subjective. Honestly, loyalty, patience, peace and joy, don’t go out of existence or become situational because humans fail to understand and apply them correctly.

Additionally, this misuse of science has been used and continues to be used to explain away any possibility of a divine purpose to life or to mock and ridicule eternal values and to propose a new experimental morality for a “brave, new world”. Of course, the new morality isn’t reality morality at all, or what we could call a definable set of beliefs, but a hope, a wish, a fancy, a mythology that our moral actions can be separated from their consequences or at best be taken care of in 30 minutes. But life is not like at TV sitcom. Life is deeper than feel good sound bites, pithy comebacks and it’s cannot be supported by “schizophrenic subterfuge” that creates false distinctions and leads to confusion, dissension, cries about false inequalities and ultimately collective misery and spiritual poverty.

Just at the brain is not the same as the mind and just as there is our physical heart and then there is our “heart”, we know there are two parts to our natures or our reality as individuals. And this reality cannot be controlled by our selfish passions, needs, desires and pleasures without causing serious damage to our physical and spiritual selves as well as the other people in our lives. And we know that life is an ongoing struggle between our physical selves and our spiritual selves. But that struggle is not for one to be in control of the other, but the struggle is to harmonize those dual parts of our souls.

Despite saying earlier that Science and Religion are not exclusive, there is at least one area where science, as we know it, and believe cannot co-exist. We know that science can lead one to speculate about God and to surmise about His possible existence or at least the existence of some creative intelligence in the universe, but it cannot cause one to belief God. This, my friend, requires faith.