Of all the running around and touring we did the first couple of days, yesterday was the most enjoyable day of Andrew’s visit, an additional day of vacation due to a previous snow day in Grass Valley.

We just hung out with each other taking turns beating the heck out of each other playing NBA 2K2013 and Madden NFL 2013. Neither of us lost our tempers or became impatient with the video games even when we were constantly going out of bounds, being sacked or intercepted, or kept missing shots and free throws. Andrew dominates the basketball games. He has a tendency to make obscure bench players, almost always point guards, superstars during these games. I can’t stand being schooled by the likes of Keyon Dooling or Sebastian Telfair. It’s so unrealistic. It’s blatantly obvious that Play Station was clueless when they wrote the algorithms for these players. But, I grin and bear it as my superstar players can’t hit anything, even simple lay ups while Andrew’s bench players are getting off the chart dunk intensity scores. But, it’s the trash talking and joking around that I enjoy and I can tell its Andrews favorite part of the games as well.