Well I never ever heard of such a thing

Poor boy, so far from his native home

Foreign airs, strange passing grasses,

and that there not so humble,

double fudged bumblest bee sting


Swelled up so big and got so puffed up

But that wasn’t the worse of it all

For when his first attack made

the meanest sort of house call

I darn near lost my lil’ saucer

And the tiniest of me lil’ tea cups


Me, I never was so surprised by any such tortured sound

So I inquired: “Son, what do they call that there ooching and ahing?”

 It took him a while to think but he finally did get round

“Sir, I am a modern man and I typically do my own boasting and jawing,


But today, without airs, I refer this item to our new animal doctor

To whom diagnosed my pet with such ease, with such precise expertise

And told me of a strange traveler from a distant sea, an unbeknownst shore

The one and only, troubled and trebled: backwards sneeze.