Is there a limit to language?
Is there an imaginary line
drawn by our peers that
we must cross?
Is it how many times we
curse, swear, or cuss
by which we measure
our linguistic bravado, our linguistic success?

Language goes beyond the sole purview
of an artificial art.
It can inspire and motivate the masses
It can mend or break a single human heart;
Language is the hope, peace and cheer,
And it is the anxiety, fright, and fear
of the next generation’s future
not so distant and always near.

In our age all language is unfettered and uncensored.
But is it really wise to say all that is on our mind,
To be so loudly and proudly vulgar, frank and blunt;
Does that make us any different or any less blind
than the common lout or the common drunk?

Wordsmithing abounds in our daily news
Self-impressed by their words, their shades and their colorful hues;
But language is not mastered by nuance,
Nor is it mastered by self-absorbed subtlety;
Language is not at is best when
It seeks cover and is hidden behind disingenuous ambiguity.

Wit’s end is not to render connotation
into something unrecognizable, empty and asinine;
Deliberately intended to deceive
And confuse by improper design.

Speech defined as politically correct
Driven by an elite desire, driven by an elite greed
Lacks the edge, lacks the desired effect,
Upon those they are supposed to lead.
Nevertheless, their duty goes on
Ineffectual and derelict;
Helpless to help those who are broken
Helpless to help those that bleed.

Language is truest to its origin divine
When it tosses out all that is uttered profane
All that renders meaning useless and inane
All that seeks to deliver hurt and pain
Puts all that is base, vain, and frivolous
Puts all that bears to one and another meanness and ill-will
into the form of a gluttonous stew of swill
so that it can only be consumed by an insatiable,
ravenous herd of swine.

Language is at its highest
When it creates, builds, and unifies.
For, is there not healing and love conveyed in a whisper?
And, is there not mercy in what is critically left unsaid?
Is there not peace when language is exchanged
From all that is spoken that misuses, bruises, and confuses
To all that which lifts, mends and straightforwardly directs
a nation, a family, an individual out of worldly distress.
Is this not the least bit the measure of linguistic success?