A good poem. Capture my feeling yesterday as we went road trippin and view some of peaceful lakes in the Eastern Sierras.


ImageI love the humility of water.

The way it assumes the shape of its host;

the honesty of its transparency.

I love the patience of water.

The constant ebb and flow of the tide;

the constancy of its breath.

I love the strength of water.

The ability to erode and wear-away;

over time or in an instant of dramatic fury.

I love the freedom of water.

The ability to accommodate resistance;

to negotiate; to seek a better way.

I love the loyalty of water.

The capillary action that leaves no drop behind;

the community it creates in its inseparability.

I love the spirituality of water.

The protuberance of spirit;

the abundance of life force.

I love the forgiving properties of water.

Its ability to cleanse the past

and renew the future.

I love the beauty of water.

The radiance mirrored in its reflection;

the depth and breath of its mystery.

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