There is a prevailing belief that the most advanced point in time represents the point of highest development….[However] there is ground for declaring that modern man has become a moral idiot. So few are those who care to examine their lives….For four centuries every man has been not only his own priest but his own professor of ethics, and the consequence is [moral] anarchy which threaten even the minimum consensus of value necessary to the political state….[Yet] we behold unprecendented outbreaks of hatred and violence; we have seen whole nations desolated by war. Everywhere occur sypmtoms of mass psychosis. We have for many years moved with a brash confidence that man had achieved a position of independence, which rendered the ancient restraints needless…that man could realize himself more fully if he would only abandon his belief in the existence of the transcendentals.–Ideas Have Consequences, Weaver, Richard M., The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1948.