About a month ago or so, a young mother posted a blog titled Why I Raise My Children Without God, and this was report was posted on CNN’s iReport. Since then, this article has received a lot commentary both pro and con. As many did, I too found the article disheartening because I saw a parent outright reject God and deny His influence in her life as well as the lives of her children; and, I equally found it sad to read claims made that I find to be false and outright hostile about God and about how God operates, claims that I find contrary to my personal and public experience with and without God in my life.

Despite this I had to remind myself that it is important to remember how important freedom of thought, or conscience, is to God’s plan, Christianity, and the well-being of this nation. We should not despair but celebrate a country that still values a free market of ideas whether or not we agree with them or how threatening they are to our values. Nevertheless, we should always be on guard and patiently and courageously stand up to systems or systems of ideas that threaten the free market of ideas in the public square.

It is also important to not overact to the present. It is not unusual in the human experience, Christian or not, to doubt God and God’s power or even in a moment or a period in our life to outright reject God. It is more human than we think. It could be that many of us were in a state of casually rejecting God until this article woke us up. Someone’s clearly articulated cynical atheism today could become what leads them to eventually embrace a vigorous Christianity tomorrow. It would not be the first time this has happened and it is important to remember some of the greatest advocates of Christianity both in word and action are those who actively rejected it in their past. This life is a journey and we are all at different points in our earthly pilgrimage.