O Voice that calls me from distant places
I have not seen, but visioned in a dream
Thy sound compelling startles my contentment
In this safe harbor from the tossing streams.

O Voice—I know Thee who Thou art; Strong Captain,
Master of ships and men and of the sea,
There is no night can ‘fright’ Thee, nor a tempest
Can cast away the soul embarked with Thee.

Thine eyes have searched the ancient farthest ocean,
Full-sailed Thy ship drives onward toward the day;
I hear Thy summons to that distant voyage;
It is a cry no wind can hurl away.

I hear Thee and I answer, O my Captain,
I will aboard and quickly put to sea,
For where Thou art ‘tis better than a harbor,
And in the breeze beside Thee I am free.

O Voice That Calls To Me—R.B.Y. Scott

Man of Song and Man of Science,
Truly you are as people on the outside of a house,
And one of you only sees that it is made of stone, and it’s windows of glass, and that fire burns
In the hearth,
And the other of you sees that the house is beautiful and very human…
Machinery is enough for the Scientist,
And Beauty is enough for a Poet,
But in the hearts of men and women, and in the thirsty heart of little children
There is a hunger, and there is an unacceptable longing…

The Priest—James Oppenheim

…Seeking forever an invisible goal
For deeper beauty always hungering
Yet never nearing the desired height,
For hidden it waits beyond us, and the whole
Of life is but a pilgrimage, to wring
From chaos one star burning in the night.

Pilgrimmage—Blance Shoemaker Wagstaff

The lights along the shore at night
Make spokes of flame upon the sea;
These twinkling shafts radiate
From where I stand, the hub of me.

Imagination the long rim
So swiftly treads a road of stars
The wheel kicks up the years in hills,
The dust of peace, the drift of wars.

The spokes now probe around for God
And in the nest of search I lie
Close to the miracle of the man
Who walked the waters and the sky.

The Hub—Oscar Williams