The insatiable is unsustainable. Greed for profits, greed for never ending entitlements and rights, the greed of the rich, the greed of the poor, and the greed of those that govern and the greed of those who are governed. All are the same side of the coin. And this has set us on a course of always grasping and never arriving. Our nation has been on this insatiable course for a long time, whether our color is Democrat or Republican, no party or persuasion is immune. What keeps us even remotely on course is the collective will of individuals with integrity, honesty, charity, hope, faith, those individuals who still believe in freedom and work for their intrinsic values.

This insatible greed is fueled by a maddening, addicting self-illusion of many of our poltical and social elites that we are somehow evolving towards some undefinable secular utopia. This illusion drives our national insatiability speeding us at a reckless pace trying to go every which way but straight. It emanates in thousands of selfishly contradictory and vainly crooked paths. It is not the economy stupid. It is the self-inflicted wounds of the greed of our entitlement nation that is causing us to limp forward into the future. The confusing, unsatisfying cheap pursuit of ease, entertainment and pleasure has replaced the deep, solemn, and enduring pursuit of happiness through moral excellence that has been the underpinning of this nation’s greatness from its beginning.