The Pilgrims fell on their knees at Plymouth Rock and fifty years later they fell on the necks of the Quakers who believed differently than the Pilgrims. Taking the poor Quakers to the public square, fastening them in stocks, jeering at them, throwing eggs at them, and branding them with hot irons…We should take care that our zeal does not turn into tyranny. We should not forget what is real Christianity. We are all God’s children or we wouldn’t be here.

In our anxiety to be zealous, we go after the little faults others, while we forget the beam that is in our own eye. We go after field mice with an elephant gun. Are we in a position to criticize? Are we quite as broadminded as we should be? Do we ever take time to look at another person to find out what kind of heart beats there?–Attributed to a Bishop Ashton.