1. Melted Cheese–This food is so heavenly I have voted it the food most likely to take me out of this life. If I die with a little bit of melted cheese grease on my top lip, you will know that I have lived a very good life and was smiling all through my heart attack. 

2. Chocolate–Especially referring to dark chocolate, this is definitely brain food as in my  brain often tells me I need it. Oh yeah, there are also anti-oxidants in it. White chococlate is pretty awesome as well, but too much gives me a tummy ache. 

3. Cucumbers–No nutrional value, but since a kid I have loved the benevolent cucumber. Of course, if my parents had food like Hostess Ding Dongs, potato chips or other normal treats that other kids enjoyed, I’d probably would have never found this odd substitute. Gee thanks Mom and Dad for making me so weird.

4. Most Breads in general. Nothing beats a hot thick piece of doughy french bread with melted butter on it (except for melted cheese see #1). I remember when we were poor, if Mom and Dad decided we had earned a meal that day how I would make a treat out of the one slice of white bread I recieved by rolling it up into a doughy ball. 

5. Grape Juice–I can’t imagine why people have turned to wine, given all the troubled it’s caused the world, when it has grape juice. I prefer juice when it hasn’t gotten old and begun to ferment. Really? When was rotten fruit ever tasty? 

6. Chocolate Chip cookies–When done right, I can be found sobbing overcome with joy, especially if I have been disciplined enough not to eat most of the dough.

7. Oranges–Citrus Sunshine Happiness.

8. Watermelon–I still find it amazing when I met people who don’t talk enthusiastically about watermelon. Although I recommend not eating a whole lot a night, it plays with your mind and your body when you are asleep and if your a grown up that can be embarrassing…so I’ve heard.

9. Corn–I know the world’s Fun Nazi’s have been out to villainize this food. But, corn on the cob is awesome. I usually ask for it on my birthday (and am cruelly denied). This is another food that brings me much peace and happiness. Whenever my wife is not around for dinner, I’ll usually do up some cream corn and some hot dogs with sauerkraut and I am pretty content being by myself  and other people seem pretty content to leave me to myself as well.

10. Sausage–Okay, I’m going out a limb with this statement, but bacon has nothing on Sausage. Bacon is like that poor cousin from Louisiana that you didn’t know you had until the census takers accidentally ventured into swamp country. I don’t get all the excitement about bacon. I guess it’s a good second meat if your hamburger sucks. But bacon doesn’t hold a candle to, and is not nearly as fulfilling as, spicey, meaty sausage patty.