Cursed Costco! Several weeks ago, we went to Costco near lunch time and I am still living to regret the decisions I made on that day. Intoxicated by all the different foods and flavors that I was able to sample that Saturday, I foolishly began to feel like I should and could take control of my life. For the most part, I bought some great food like the spinach tortellini, horseradish cheddar cheese, and some good dried fruit, but there were two items I bought that I regret having bought and am still trying to use up.

 The first item was a 16-pack of grapefruit cups. I hadn’t had grapefruit in a while, even though I really like it.  If I had been at a grocery store, I would have bought a single grapefruit and eaten it that day and my urge would have been taken care of for a while since grapefruit is something that I can only intake in small doses. But no Costco sampling made me stupid and I bought a 16-pack of grapefruit cups without seriously considering my tolerance for grapefruit and without considering that I am the only one in the household that likes grapefruit.

 But as stupid as that decision was, my next choice was even more softheaded. I bought an 8-pack of Almond Breeze. For some odd reason, I always hold out a fool’s hope that their exist in this world some good tasting almond milk so when I saw that Blue Diamond had vanilla flavored almond milk I gave into my desires and bought that neatly packaged 8-pack. While I jumped at the word “vanilla” on the packaging, I forgot to read the other words like “soy free”, “lactose free” and more importantly I did not notice the red box on top that had the word “unsweetened” in it. Now, I don’t profress to know much about Heaven and Hell, but I am pretty sure the there will be a lot unsweetened Almond Breeze on tap in Hell.  I hear that angels and demons alike refer to it as “Satan’s Martini”

 So here I sit this morning bitter and slightly downhearted writing about grapefruit and almond milk working on my fourth 32 oz box of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze still waiting to taste the vanilla.